Operation JOKAA(RR)

Operation JOKAA(RR) Follow Up to Operation Desert Eagle OSI Actor: Mole Rats / Gaza Cybergang EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Operation JOKAA(RR) Operation JOKAA(RR) looks into the continued activities of the Mole Rats/Gaza Cybergang Threat Actor and their new TTPS. This report builds on their previous activities as found in: Operation Desert Eagle (Malware_Party) Gaza Cybergang (Kaspersky SecureList) Operation Dusty Sky (ClearSky Security) Author @MalwareParty Targeting File Names  The list of file names (Palestine/Hamas) observed gives us an indication into the targeting/region of this threat actor. File Name Translated (Google) محضر اجتماع الرئيس عباس مع وفد المخابرات المصرية .exe  Minutes of the meeting